Borders College

Borders College is the largest provider of post school education in the south east of Scotland. Borders College is recognised as one of the top Colleges in Scotland delivering a wide range of further and higher education programmes to almost 5,000 students every year.

We pride ourselves in being a truly inclusive college, continually working to widen access and create opportunities for everyone. In fact, the Scottish Borders boasts one of the highest percentages of school-leavers entering further education in mainland Scotland (4% above the national average) with the vast majority of these choosing to study at Borders College.

Continually striving to develop innovative learning that meets the needs of individuals, communities and employers, Borders College is helping to shape the social and economic future of the Scottish Borders. People of all ages, backgrounds and all levels of ability are given the opportunity to reach their full potential through the continuous development of our curriculum and the partnerships we have in place with other colleges, universities, businesses and our local communities.

Study options at Borders College range from introductory level courses through to higher national level, which enables direct entry to university degree programmes in a wide range of subject areas, including:

Art & Design
Beauty & Hairdressing
Business & Computing
Social Care
Catering & Hospitality
General Education
Landbased Industries
Horse & Animal Care
Horticulture & Landscaping
Motor Vehicle
Preparation for Entry to the Army
Sports & Exercise
Supported Programme